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Rainy season started in Bali and I decided to continue my blog :-)

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Ma vie balinaise
Illustration from « Ma vie Balinaise » – Edith Baudrand assisted by Wayan Leppo

After few months of silence, I thought that today was a good day to write back on my blog 🙂

Rainy season started in Bali and I’m off today.

I couldn’t or I didn’t take the time, is much appropriated to say, to finish telling the story of my South East Asia trip but I will, soon or later. I’ve written everything down and I still have tons of photos to post!

But today, I’ll be writing about the rainy season in Bali.

It will be my first rainy season but not the last one 🙂

It’s…how to say that? Again one of this thing that life makes me discover…

There are tons of things to write and say about rainy season in Bali and this post will be the first one of a long series I think!

First of all, it’s raining… a lot! It’s a big change comparing to the desert in Egypt where we were waiting the rain sometimes for ages…all the year…sometimes it was coming,  sometimes not at all…

But here, it’s coming all of a sudden, from one day to the other, without notice and then it goes again and come back again, everyday! Sometimes from the morning, sometimes at night, sometimes in the evening…with storm, thunder, clouds and the sun who appears and disappears behind them 🙂

Few things to remember and keep in mind during the rainy season:

  • Always have a rain coat with you either in your hand bag or under your scooter seat (NB: don’t forget it where you put it to dry the day before, like me today
  • Love green and mud (gadoue?)
  • Always have spare clothes
  • Love having hair that curl
  • Never plan a long scooter trip
  • Love rain
  • Drive carefully with the scooter
  • Prepare lots of good music playlists because when it’s raining you can be stuck at home or somewhere else
  • Always have food at home because when it’s raining you don’t want to go out to eat but I guess and hope you get used to it, to go out even with the rain 😛
  • Enjoy the sound of rain and storm
  • Do not be afraid of frogs because during rainy season it’s frogs party in Bali 😀

I’ll give more tips later because rainy season just started !

Just in case, for those who might not know yet, I’m living in Bali now 😀

Feel free to come and visit me whenever you want, except maybe during rainy season 😉