Cams in SEA? What’s that ?

camsinsea 13Well…in fact it is just one blog more 🙂 no but I will explain to you in two words…and please forgive my bad english :-/ I try to do my best (specially my two sisters please 😉 )

Once upon a time, there was a girl, named Camille, born in Carcassonne, in south of France…She studied Law for a very looooong time (10 years all included! That’s a lot! Isn’t it?) but she became a lawyer (finally!) a little bit by luck…then, one day, she « went off the rails » (not sure about the translation…) and she went to live in Egypt where she discovered scuba diving (among others things…) and she became a diving Instructor 😀 Great! Isn’t it?

Then…lots of things happened and among them, she discovered Bali in 2013…So, she came back home from Egypt and she decided, for change 😉 to go to live in South East Asia!

And there she is! She left once again 🙂 and she needed to share her new life experience with her friends, family and people, that is why this blog exists.

So, here it is! In more than two words 😉 why and how « Cams in SEA »…

Hum…No…sorry.. I forgot to tell you why « Cams in SEA »…

In fact, it is my sister Delphine who created this blog for me, and she is helping me a LOT for this! (Thank you ma soeur chérie <3) So, when I told her that I wanted to make a blog she told me:

Delph:  » You have to buy a domain name »

Me:  » Ah really…? »

Delph: « Yes you have to! and you have to choose a name and a Dot something, like .com .org… »

Me:  » Ah ok…I was thinking about camilleenasiedusudest…? What do you think? »

Delph:  » Ah no ! It’s too long ! You’ve got to find something shorter ! »

Me:  » Ok then…we can put…I don’t know…Cams en South East Asia but by short way (S.E.A) ?

Delph:  » Yes that’s better! but in fact you should take « Cams-in-SEA » and like that it also means Cams in sea ! « 

Of course! Cams in sea! OBVIOUSLY! That is how it happened ;-)!

Cams in SEA was born! One blog more where you can find nice stuff about South East Asia, tourism there, diving, etc…


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