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I am back from 12 months around the planet

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Sunset at Patung Titi Banda – Ramanaya epic – Denpasar Bali

Being back from one year traveling around the world 🌎 is kind of a weird feeling… those I met during my journey who were traveling for a long time as well won’t say the opposite 😅 you change from inside…

Already one month today I am back in Bali, where everything started and I am wondering where time is going …? 🤔

Sky of Raglan – New Zealand

Probably somewhere between the stars ✨ of course close to the moon 🌙 as everything is always because of the moon 🤷🏻‍♀️

Langtang Valley – Nepal

I am back full of images, colors, smells, sounds, taste, people, culture, places, food, stories, new friends, discoveries, langage, amazing nature, ideas, sun, music, love, names, smiles…

Varanasi – India

It is now time to readapt, readjust and process all these incredible moments and time I was lucky to live 🤗🙏🏼

Sunrise in Bagan – Myanmar –

I had only a glimpse of 15 new countries of our beautiful planet 🌏 I enjoyed it so much. I chose for now 15 pictures I took from those 15 countries… actually 16 pictures because I went back twice in New Zealand 🇳🇿

Battambang – Cambodia

From now I will try to write about my travel  and post pictures of my trip because now it is also time to share 🤗 and to not forget !

Samburu National Reserve – Kenya

I was supposed to share and post during my travel (hehe supposedly on my blog 🤪) but to be honest I didn’t take/have the time to do it 🤷🏻‍♀️ even though I was on holidays! 

Parque Nacional dos Lençóis Maranhenses – Brazil

When you’re traveling you want to enjoy the most of it and I for sure realized that we are always running after time , everywhere, all the time…time is only going clockwise! 

Ruta Provincial 60 – On the way to Perito Moreno Glaciar – Patagonia – Argentina

But now I will make the time go counterclockwise a little bit to share my journey on our beautiful planet 🌏🕰 💃🏻

Laguna Cejar – San Pedro de Atacama – Chile

Those 15 pictures are among my favorite pictures and above all represent each country from my eyes and heart ❤️ point of view…

Huacachina Oasis – Peru

It was difficult to choose only one picture by country as I took hundreds of pictures in each country 😅 but I think we often have a favorite one ! 

Comuna Trece – Medellin – Colombia

Sometimes because of the place, sometimes because of the story behind it, sometimes because of the people you met there or you were traveling with…🤗

Hierve el Agua – Oaxaca – Mexico

Though a picture can never replace the feelings you have when you live the moment 🤷🏻‍♀️

Grand Canyon National Park – USA
Valley of the Five lakes – Jasper – Canada

On this picture below I was back in Auckland where my Planet 🌏 tour started after discovering 14 countries in almost one year… so many things to catch up with Mo who I met there eleven months earlier 🤗

Devonport – Auckland – New Zealand

Japan 🇯🇵 was the last country of my planet tour and I have to say I was really happy to finish with this country as I enjoyed very much the peaceful temples, shrines and Japanese gardens 😌

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine – Kyoto – Japan

Let’s see what’s next for me…I’m looking forward for my next adventure! 

Atacama Desert sky – Chile

I’ll be posting my pics and stories either on Instagram and on my blog, so feel free to follow me wherever it’s more convenient!

Take 5 minutes to look at those 15 pictures of 15 different countries of our planet and ask yourself if you could make the time go counterclockwise for a bit for what or who you would like to have more time to spend…?

… and share it in a comment if you feel like to…😊🌎✨💃🏻🤗

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C’est parti mon Kiki !!! Let’s go around notre belle planète et bienvenue sur Planet Camsinsea 🌏🤪

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Bon ben voilà…On y est ! Truc de ouf ! Où est passé le temps ?? Je n’en reviens pas que le jour de mon grand départ soit arrivé si vite !

Après 4 belles années passées sur l’île des Dieux, me voilà en route pour de nouvelles folles aventures ! Je m’en vais découvrir notre belle planète 

Alors pour faire court, je suis partie de Bali le 15 septembre 2018 en direction de Melbourne, en Australie pour une petite semaine en famille chez ma sœur Cécile et ensuite le grand départ était le 24 septembre 2018 pour Auckland en Nouvelle-Zélande, le premier pays de mon tour de planète 

Mon itinéraire sera à priori le suivant :

  • Nouvelle-Zélande – 25/09 au 08/10/2018
  • Népal – 09/10 aux environ du 29/10
  • Inde – entre le 29/10 et le 28/11/2018
  • Birmanie (Arrivée à Yangon) – 28/11 à mi-décembre – Trajet Birmanie au Cambodge par voie terrestre.
  • Cambodge – autour du 15-17/12/2018 au 02/01/2019
  • Kenya – 03/01 au 30/01/2019
  • Amérique du Sud – Arrivée au Brésil à Rio de Janeiro le 30/01/2019
  • Départ de Lima au Pérou le 22/05/2019 – Pays prévus en Amérique du Sud : Brésil, Argentine, Chili, Bolivie et Pérou mais susceptible de changer en terme de date et de pays 
  • Mexique – 22/05 au 11/06/2019
  • Los Angeles, National Park Grand Canyon – 11/06 au 29/06/2019
  • New York – 29/06 au 5/07/2019
  • Montréal Canada – 05/07 au 25/07/2019
  • Vancouver Canada – 25/07 au 14/08/2019
  • Auckland – 14/08
  • Puis Japon pour 2 semaines environ si j’ai encore des sous mais dates encore indéterminées

Et retour à Bali.

Voilà le lien de la carte de mon itinéraire ci-dessous sur ce super site internet qui m’a beaucoup aidé pour préparer mon Tour de Planète :

Cet itinéraire a été créé à l’aide du site Le planificateur de voyages

Going soon …😎🌏🌍🌎

Majestic Gunung Agung

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It is almost time to leave… I cannot believe it but in exactly 1 month I will leave this beautiful Island Bali…

Time is flying….!! 4 years spent here and it feels like it was yesterday I arrived here…Just crazy!

I will soon start again to write on my blog. I have to changes few things first but soon I will put my itinerary and more details about my world tour.

Stay tune!