My South East Asia Trip

Version française

Ok then…here is my trip I will adjust step by step specially in Vietnam!

You can check the map below 😉

Departure from Bali, Indonesia (28th April 2014), then destination Bangkok in Thailand for three days, then Siem Reap in Cambodia (1st May 2014) for visiting Ankor Temples for almost five days.

Then, back to Thailand in Phuket (5th of May 2014) for almost one week with a stay on the islands and maybe a little bit of diving 🙂

Departure from Phuket to HanoĂŻ (12th of May 2014) in Vietnam and from there three weeks of discovering from North to South down until Ho Chi Min…

From there, destination Kuala Lumpur (31st of May 2014) but just for a night and finally departure to Manado (1st June 2014) in Sulawesi, Indonesia for I guess  and hope five AMAZING  diving days to check out all the strange critters!! 😀

And there it will be the end of my trip already… then back to Bali on 7th of June 2014.

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