Back underwater…finally!

Monsieur et Madame TOUZEAU :-)
Monsieur et Madame TOUZEAU 🙂

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After almost 4 months and a half, I was back underwater! JUST GREAT! Besides, it was with great people because I met Cathy and Serge, same place, same period, funny isn’t it?

I met them last year end of April also, we dived together with Atlantis few times and we stayed in touch and became friends! We had dinner together many times at the night market where we  ate Mahi-Mahi and especially laughed a lot! 🙂

So, one year later, we saw each other again, in Bali and we dived again together! 2 amazing dives of course, first Tulamben, Liberty wreck with its nice nook and hidden corners and its passages with lighting effects (click here to see some pics), with its many sweet lips fishes and moorish Idol…but also its millions of nudis of course, its little wild garden eels and its famous black sand!

Then, second dive at Seraya slope…I just love this dive site which is full of really small and weird critters, a macro paradise!

Cleaning stations everywhere, « owned » by tons of different shrimps, meeting point for morays eels and other fishes, like the emperor angel fish who are coming all for a complete cleaning session! I looove it!

Ensuite, une plongĂ©e Ă  Seraya Slope…J’adore ce site qui est plein de crĂ©atures petites et bizarres, un paradis pour la macro!

Unfortunately, my camera doesn’t allow me to make great macro pics because I still dont have a diffusor for the flash, so I can’t really use the flash which is indispensable to make good macro pictures 🙁

I managed though to take a more or less suitable picture of my first hairy crab :-)! The guy is only 5 mm!

Anyway, it was really good to be back underwater!


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