C’est parti mon Kiki !!! Let’s go around our beautiful planet and welcome in Planet Camsinsea 🌏🤪

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So it is really happening !! Crazy hein ? Where time flies ? I cannot believe that departure time came so quickly !

After 4 amazing years spent on the Island of Gods, here I am on the road again for new crazy adventures !


So to make it short, I left Bali the 15 of September 2018 to go and spend one week in Melbourne, Australia at my sister place. There I enjoyed quality time with my family finishing organizing, planning and packing.

Then the big departure was on 24 September 2018, heading to Auckland in New Zealand, the first country of my planet tour 

My itinerary will be a priori the following one :

  • New Zealand – 25/09 til 08/10/2018
  • Nepal – 09/10 until around 29/10
  • India – between 29/10 and 28/11/2018
  • Myanmar (Arrival in Yangon) – 28/11 til middle of December – Myanmar to Cambodia onland.
  • Cambodia – around 15-17/12/2018 til 02/01/2019
  • Kenya – 03/01 til 30/01/2019
  • South America – Arrival in Brazil at Rio de Janeiro on 30/01/2019
  • Departure from Lima Pérou on 22/05/2019 – Countries planned to be visited while in South America : Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru but may change with dates and/or countries
  • Mexico – 22/05 til 11/06/2019 (may change)
  • Los Angeles, National Park Grand Canyon – 11/06 til 29/06/2019 (may change)
  • New York – 29/06 til 5/07/2019 (may change)
  • Montréal Canada – 05/07 til 25/07/2019 (may change)
  • Vancouver Canada – 25/07 til 14/08/2019 (may change)
  • Auckland – 14/08 (may change)
  • Then Japan for around 2 weeks if I still have enough money haha but dates are not booked yet, so to be confirmed.

Then after Japan, going back to Bali.

Here you will find my map itinerary below on this amazing website which helped me a lot to prepare my Planet Tour :

This itinerary was created on Le planificateur de voyages website.

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  1. Have a great trip Camille. Become even more amazing with all that travel. Following you in your journey 🙂

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