Back to Bali…Like it was yesterday!

Mie Goreng et Bintang
Mie Goreng et Bintang

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Sooo great feeling! It’s very funny to come back to a place you know from before…very pleasant! I even had the feeling that I never left but it’s already one year!

I found back my little Guest house, Sanur Bague, with my dear Nyoman who came to welcome me. The geckos were still there and the little frogs…but there are not so many than before because there are building works in progress…Nyoman is building 8 new bedrooms and there is still a lot to do… »six weeks, six weeks and it’s finished » according to Nyoman…I am not really sure about that but…that’s Indonesian optimism 🙂

I also found back my dear Madé, the guy who rent me my scooter last year. He called me back as soon as he received my sms and my scooter was delivered the next morning in front of my door! Great Madé!

I found back the very special balinese left hand driving by scooter, with a little Indonesian shower on the way back from Padang Bay…the night market of course and the delicious grilled Mahi-Mahi!

I went back to my favorite supermarket beside my guest house and the nice indonesian couple who are selling fried and crunchy vegetables and fruits were still there! I found back also the chicken sate, the Smorgas CafĂ©, the Little Bird Warung with its yummy food, its small concerts, its Bintang and very special art painting ;-), the Casablanca where I spent a nice drinking evening…Well, everything was still there like nothing changed!

Time really was flying! Have a look at some pictures here…